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Guests can submerge themselves in the historic and distinguished atmosphere of this iconic house in Vegueta, the historic city centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, re-opened in 2017 and offering nine spectacular guestrooms.

At Suites 1478, we are committed to conserving and highlighting the value of the art and architecture to be found in a building of such historical value. The inclusion of unique pieces of art, both old and new, is one of our hallmarks. At Suites 1478, you can find a place where historical value is combined with contemporary design, where guests can enjoy a distinguished atmosphere, in the centre of Vegueta – the origins and soul of the city.

We want each of our guests to live a memorable and rewarding experience based on some fundamental pillars. Always hand in hand with our team, ready to help you in whatever you need and without forgetting that we are defenders of sustainable tourism and therefore, we take measures aimed at protecting the environment and the well-being of our team and our guests. At Suites 1478 we incorporate into our essence the use of proximity products and a sustainable management of supplies. All this, added to the charm of our house, makes staying at Suites 1478 an experience full of...

“Charm, comfort, design and good taste”

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The team of the recognised Canarian architect, Vicente Boissier, has very successfully rescued the architectural legacy of Miguel Martín-Fernández de la Torre while showing great respect for the history and managing to incorporate modern design into the building.

After walking through the impressive hallway, visitors come to the Canarian Patio – a glazed indoor patio bathed in natural light next to which can be found the 1478 Restaurant where we recommend trying our magnificent menu.

“Suites 1478 is an elegant and discrete establishment that offers an exceptional service”

The nine guestrooms are located on three floors. On the roof of the building, guests can enjoy our Roof Bar 1478 and the island’s climate on the pleasant terrace with lovely views of the historical tiled roofs of Vegueta and the Canary Islands Cathedral.

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Suites 1478
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Suites 1478

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